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How to Make Moroccan Mint Tea

Drinking tea is a tradition as much as a favorite past time in Morocco. It is customary to offer mint tea to every guest as a sign of their hospitality. Here's a quick guide in making traditional Moroccan mint tea.

As part of my tea education, I have come to know about different types of teas in the world. One of them is the Moroccan mint tea, which is green tea infused with fresh mint leaves and sugar. Mint tea is not only refreshing but also good for the body as it is known to relieve stomach or intestinal problems, as well as heartburn, in addition to green tea, which is high in antioxidants that lower the risk of cancer. And if it has anything to do with tea and the Big C, I'm in! Indeed it is a superfood.

Since my husband travels often to Casablanca, I get my rations of gunpowder green tea regularly and even completed a tea serving set. Traditionally, Moroccans love their tea super sweet. It is usually served after meals. I prefer mine without sugar so I skip the simmering on the stove. It is good as it is. If you are ever at a café in Morocco, they will give you the option of adding sugar on the side but make sure to enjoy the traditional pastries with it. Now, let's drink tea!


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