When I’m not exploring, I’m at home making things while singing my heart out and drinking lots of tea.
Michelle Carlos

As a child I loved doodling on walls until I discovered papers and crayons. Later I became more prolific with various media, which earned me creative skills and a degree in Fine Arts.


Right after university, I took a chance in filmmaking starting as a production assistant and all the way to becoming a digital intermediate colorist. In a few years I would throw in a masters degree in New Media Conservation to (digitally) clean up dusty old movies.

Now back in Stuttgart, Germany, I have also lived and worked in four countries: my place of birth, the Philippines, then Singapore, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. I have spent 5 years of living as an expat into going back to making art, improving my skills and developing my style through daily practice and self study.


My travels, childhood memories, dreams and observations of the world around me greatly influence my visual vocabulary, which are now translated into the children's books that I illustrate and write.

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