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Put on a Lipstick

Updated: May 5, 2019

What do you do when uninspired or just really out of your system? What if it’s a rainy day or on a tight deadline and no idea is coming?

Blue and Blah

As a creative who is also always present in social media, it seems as though you are in constant cloud nine churning creative thoughts and brilliant ideas. In reality there are days that are just blue and simply blah. Nothing is coming and you know that the clock is ticking. Deadlines do not help at all. It sounds very indulgent but all creatives know that there are times when you just cannot produce any artwork and will do just about anything to overcome the blockage. Feeling this emptiness is not as tragic as a "tortured artist" but it is a real struggle nonetheless—and sure is annoying!

So what do you do? Go on a holiday—big or mini? Go to sleep? Stare in space? There are plenty of options depending on your resources obviously.

Listen to Liz

In her book, Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about how she invites creativity like a secret lover: she gets dressed up, made up, sets the mood with candles and wears a lipstick.

Similarly in yoga, you begin by meditating sitting upright, not leaning backward nor forward to be in the present and with your palms facing up to welcome whatever's coming your way. This pose grounds yourself and focuses on your inner self through your conscious breathing. Often but also with much effort after twisting and stretching, you do clear your head and find the much needed answers. Of course you need not force yourself to do yoga to understand that sometimes the answers are found within. All you need is to lessen exterior distractions. Be mindful. Simple.

Come, Creativity!

In my experience, I usually just try to start the day right even though at times the night before was shitty as hell or the night was just too short to recuperate my busy brain—so busy I could sometimes hear it buzzing before I sleep! This means, waking up around half past six then doing my morning grooming ritual taking care of these organs: nose, teeth, face, bladder, and throat. After bidding my hardworking husband farewell, I have my breakfast of fruits, high-fibre and energy boosting meal and tea of the day, while I check what's new and coming during the day including social media activities just to tick those off the list. Usually the task for the day has been set the night before but being unpredictable as I am, I could easily break my own schedule. There are golden times when creativity comes much earlier and beats my own body clock as I wake up with fresh and delicious ideas. A notebook and pen on the bedside always serve their purpose in moments like this. Gym visits are at least twice a week. My health problems took so much toll on my body and so getting stronger became a top priority.

If feeling extra tardy, I take a shower as early as possible to wash off the negativity, wear a pretty dress even when stationed at home and put on a daytime make-up especially a red lipstick. Red is the color that just gives me energy. If I'm wearing red, chances are I want to make an impact or just generally feel good about myself. By this time, it’s around 10 in the morning. Only then can I finally head to my drawing room and start doodling—anything. Just like the lotus pose in yoga, you prepare yourself by grounding your energy and slowly bloom into your creativity.

Love yourself first and then pass it on

Soon you'll realize that it's that extra effort done regularly that lures creativity into your life. All of these may sound too esoteric or new aged but really at the end of the day, it’s self love that will be your only ally. Accept that there are just days that don't go your way but also know that tomorrow is another day to begin anew. Respect, forgive and be kind to yourself so you can afford to be kind for everyone is also fighting a fierce battle.


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